Tips to score goods marks in english board exams

Tips to score good marks in English paper of CBSE Board Exams

English is the most important subject when you’re from CBSE or ICSE Board. In order to score more than 90% marks in the English board exams, you need to study dedicatedly. Fortunately, if one prepares well, they can score high marks in this paper. Given are some tips that you can follow while studying for the English board exams

Students can score maximum marks in their CBSE English paper if they follow the tips mentioned below:

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Solve sample question papers

Attempt to solve sample question papers of previous years as it will help you to get an understanding of the question paper format and the marks allotted to each section.

Focus on improving your writing skills

To enhance your writing skills and vocabs, get into the habit of reading the newspaper daily. It will help you to frame your sentences during exams in a grammatically accurate manner.

Time management

Decide in advance how much time you want to allot to each section in English paper and then proceed ahead accordingly while solving sample question papers.

There are students who don’t finish their papers simply because they have run out of time.

Make good choices

There are three sections in the question papers so decide wisely out of the given options which questions you are going to attempt under each section.

Underline important points in your answers

During exams don’t forget to underline important points in the answer. Avoid making spelling or grammatical mistakes.

Read your comprehension passage thoroughly

Before you read the comprehension passages in your English paper, read the questions as this will help you to identify the sections containing the answers in the passage while reading.

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