Tips to score good marks

Tips to score good marks in Board exams

Every good and studious student wants to score good marks in Board Exams. Attempting the question paper properly in examinations can help you score high marks.

You can easily score good marks in Board Exams, but you have to put up some efforts with a smart approach.  

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Here are some tips that can boost your percentage and help you score good marks in the exams:

  1. More focus should be on revision through mock test papers, question banks, and Study notes.
  2. Study from NCERT and solve past year papers. In subjects like mathematics, accountancy more focus should be on solving problems that help you to revise the concepts.
  3. Keep a clear and brief record of your marks in all the previous tests and pre-boards to know how much improvement you need in which subject. Remember each paper carries equal weightage and you have to study all subjects. Practice previous year exam papers and attempt mock question papers and compete with yourself each time.
  4. Try to write the exam neatly, without doing the cutting in the answers again and again.
  5. Highlight the important facts or phrases in the answers.
  6. Practice writing the papers to score good marks in Board Exams as it requires a lot of writing.
  7. Take proper sleep if you love your brain and want to remember all the things. Eat a balanced diet.

8. Proper Time Management during exams is very necessary. Make a chart for your daily routine and give maximum time to your study. Suppose you spend 6 hours in your bed and rest 18 hours must be used for your exam preparation.

            Don’t work hard, Work smartly which helps to score good marks in CBSE.

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