Tips to manage stress

Tips to Manage Stress during Exams

Ever in life, you realized why there is so much tension, worry, and stress when it comes to the exam? Why most of the students after just seeing the paper felt blanked out? On the night before the exam, you had a panic attack just because you were not completely prepared?  The feeling of fear, anxiety, tension, pressure, and phobia are all in our brains. By bringing a small change in the Attitude or the way we look at the problems can make a huge difference.

Here are the different ways to get rid of the stress and fear of the exam.

Stop postponing the things on tomorrow: 

Do not wait for tomorrow to start things. Manage your timings and start studying regularly. Because trying to study the whole right before the exam night only creates panic and makes us nervous and creates tension. 

Avoid negative thoughts

If you have prepared well, you don’t need to fear anything. Keep calm and positive and have faith in yourself.

Diet and health:

 When exams are near many of us keep studying regularly for hours we forget to eat food and it can harm your health. Try to take your meal on time as it will help you work your brain properly. So eat healthy.

Take proper sleep:

Take an adequate amount of sleep of 6-7 hours at least a day. This will help the brain work properly and you will be able to recall all that you have learned.


Mental and physical exercise will refresh your mind. Meditation will also keep you calm and relaxed.

Avoid to study at the last minute:

Avoid studying late night during exams as this will make you stress and whatever you have learned you will feel confused about that. You will just end up with the confusion.

What to do if you feel, nervous and tensed when you enter the examination hall?

Just close your eyes and try to recall what you have learned till now. Try to keep calm and motivating yourself.

Exams are not made to fail you; they are made to test your knowledge and strength.

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