tips to improve your english language skills

Tips TO Improve Your English Language Skills

When we learn any language, first we listen, then we speak, then we read and finally we write. Listening, speaking, reading and writing are the four language skills we need to develop to learn any language.

Same goes with English language. To get command over English language you need to make English part of your life at home, at work, during your free time and Expose yourself to the language as much as possible.

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Here are some helpful tips to improve your English language Skills :

1. Put yourself in an all English speaking atmosphere where you can through speaking .

2. Read books only in English. Watch Hollywood movies and TV shows only in English. Start writing in English. Make it a habit.

3. Download applications from app store which help in improving English.

4. Start reading English newspapers, novels by Indian authors.

5. Start thinking in English instead of your mother tongue.

6. Stand in front of the mirror and talk to yourself in English. It gives you a type of Self-confidence.

7. Use an English dictionary as it will help you to keep thinking in English and not translating.

8. Practice every day as practice makes a man perfect.

9. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Be confident.

10. Use English whenever you can. It’s as simple as that!

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