SSC CHSL Exam Analysis : Check SSC CHSL Today Exam Analysis 12 April Shift 1

SSC CHSL Exam Analysis 2021: Staff Selection Commission is going to conduct the SSC CHSL Exam for recruiting a huge number of vacancies. SSC conducts the exam every year for the recruitment of various posts. 

Name of Shift Reporting TimeExam Time
Shift 17:30 AM9-10 am
Shift 210:30 AM12-1 pm
Shift 31:30 pm3-4 pm

SSC CHSL Tier-I Exam Pattern

SectionSubjectNo of QuestionsMax MarksExam Duration
1General Intelligence255060 minutes
2General Awareness2550
3Quantitative Aptitude (Basic Arithmetic Skill)2550
4English Language (Basic Knowledge)2550

SSC CHSL Exam Analysis 2021: Shift-1 Overall Good Attempts

Today the Exam Analysis first shift of SSC CHSL was conducted on 12th April 2021. The questions from the General Awareness section were quite difficult as per the student’s reviews. The overall attempts with section-wise difficulty levels have been tabulated below.

SectionGood Attempts Difficulty Level
English Language19-20Moderate
Quantitative  Aptitude18-20Easy to Moderate
General Intelligence & Reasoning21-23Easy
General Awareness17-18Easy to Moderate
Overall76-80Easy to Moderate

SSC CHSL Tier-I Exam Analysis for General Awareness

  1. One question related to Champaran Revolt?
  2. World TB Day is celebrated on which date?
  3. According to Census 2011 literacy rate is highest of which state?
  4. Who is the author of “Pathway to God”?
  5. Perfect soil to grow Cashew Nuts?
  6. Which Indian Batsman played most test matches?
  7. Largest Floating solar park in which state?
  8. What is the chemical formula of Bluevitriol?
  9. Who is the Current Agriculture Minister?
  10. City Along Saryu River?
  11. Who is the Deputy Election Commissioner of India?
  12. Who is the Chief Justice of Telangana High Court?
  13. Gandhi Sagar Dam situated in?
  14. What is the chemical name of Vitamin C?
  15. Global Hunger Index Rank of India?
  16. Cell Theory is given by?
  17. Who is the Napoleon of India?


SSC CHSL Quantitative Aptitude Exam Analysis (Basic Arithmetic Skill)

  1. x+1/x=5 Then x^3+1/X^3= ?
  2. A distance of 48 KM is travelled with speed of 40 KM/hr and 52 Km is travelled with 65 km/hr. Find the Average speed?
  3. In a Triangle ABC, AB = 6 root 3 , perpendicular is drawn from point A on BC at E of length 9 and EC = 3 root 3.Find Angle A?
  4. If Principal of 2000 amounts to 2662 in 3 years. Find SI?
  5. x^4+ y ^4 +x^2y^2=117 and x^2+ y^2-xy = 13 Find x^2+y^2?
  6. Out of 450 apples 30 % are rotten find how many apples are not rotten?
  7. In how many years Will the principal of 3000 Will yield an SI of 1080 at 12% Rate of Interest?
  8. Divide 550 Rs among ram and shyam in the ratio of 5:6?
  9. A:B = 3:5 , B:C = 7:9 then C:A is?
  10. cosec A = Root 5/ 2 then find sec A + tan A – Cot A sin A?
  11. In a Triangle PQR angle bisector of angle Q & R intersects at I. If Angle I is 107 then find angle P?

SSC CHSL Tier-I: English Language Analysis

  • Antonym-> Resolve 
  • Antonym-> Precious 
  • Synonym-> Prevalent 
  • Synonym-> Extent
  • Idioms & phrase-> Fool paradise

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