Social Science 2017 (Theory)


General Instructions :
(i) The question paper has 29 questions in all. All questions are compulsory.
(ii) Marks are indicated against each question.
(iii) Questions from serial number 1 to 8 are Very Short Answer Questions. Each question carries 1 mark.
(iv) Questions from serial number 9 to 20 are 3 marks questions. Answers of these questions should not exceed 80 words each.
(v) Questions from serial number 21 to 28 are 5 marks questions. Answers of these questions should not exceed 120 words each.
(vi) Question number 29 is a map question of 6 marks (3 marks from History and 3 marks from Geography).
(vii) Attach the filled up map inside your answer-book.


1. Who became the allegory of the German nation ?
Who unified Vietnam in April, 1975 ?

2. Differentiate between veins and lodes.

3. Name any one regional party of Uttar Pradesh.

4. Why was the movement started in Nepal in 2006 ?

5. Explain the main reason for starting of water war in Bolivia.

6. Mention the main legal measure taken by the Indian Government in favour of consumers in 1986.

7. How is the ‘Right to Information’ useful to consumers ?

8. Which logo is used to assure consumers about the quality of jewellery ?

9. Explain the process of unification of Italy.
Explain any three steps taken by the French in the Mekong Delta region to increase cultivation.

10.How did the ‘Salt March’ become the base to begin the ‘Civil Disobedience Movement’ ? Explain.

11. Explain the reasons for the business class to participate in the ‘CivilDisobedience Movement’.

12. Define the term ‘trade’. Mention the two components of trade.

13. Explain with examples any two differences between agro-based and mineral based industries.

14. How do industrial units cause air pollution ? Explain.

15. Describe any three main policies of Bharatiya Janata Party.

16. What major challenge is being faced by the Indian democracy ? Explain any two steps taken to overcome this challenge.

17. How can the growing role of money and muscle power in political parties be controlled ? Suggest any three measures.

18. Describe the utility of Cheque.

19. What measures can be taken by the Government of India to make globalisation more fair ? Explain.

20. Suggest any three ways to save consumers from exploitation in the market-place.

21.Describe any five economic hardships faced by Europeans during the mid nineteenth century.
Describe any five features of the ‘Go East Movement’ started in Vietnam.

22. How did people belonging to different communities, regions or language groups develop a sense of collective belonging in India ? Explain with examples.

23. Why is there a great need to use renewable sources of energy ? Explain the reasons.

24. ‘‘Railways are the principal mode of transportation for freight and passengers in India.’’ Justify the statement with arguments.

25. Describe the main activities of sectional interest groups and public interest groups.

26. How are democratic governments accountable to the citizens ? Explain with examples.

27. Describe any five ways by which multinational companies are spreading their products across the world.

28. ‘‘Banks are playing an important role in the development of the Indian economy.’’ Support the statement with examples.

29. (29.1) Three features A, B and C are marked in the given political outline map of India (on page 11). Identify these features with the help of the following information and write their correct names on the
lines drawn in the map :

A. The place where the Indian National Congress Session was held.
B. The place where the ‘Salt Law’ was broken.
C. The place where peasants organised ‘Satyagraha’.

(29.2) On the same given political outline map of India (on page 11), locate and label the following with appropriate symbols.
(i) Namrup – Thermal Power Plant
(ii) Pune – Software Technology Park
(iii) Haldia – Major Sea Port 

Note : The following questions are for the Visually Impaired Candidates only, in lieu of Q. No. 29.1 and 29.2 :

(29.1) Name the place where the Indian National Congress Session was held in 1927.
(29.2) Where was the ‘Salt Law’ broken ?
(29.3) Where was the movement of Indigo planters started ?
(29.4) In which state is Namrup Thermal Plant located ?
(29.5) Name any Software Technology Park located in Maharashtra.
(29.6) In which state is Haldia Major Sea Port located ?