Public and Private Administration

Public administration:

Political character is present in the form of direction and control. Breadth, scope and impact along with consideration is on the entire society. Accountability to public. Must have consistency in treatment. External financial control by legislature. Service and community welfare are motives. Rigidity in operation due to various law, rules and regulations. Monopolistic services,urgent and vital for societies existence and more comprehensive functions. Anonymity and ministerial responsibility.Private organizations are compact, insular, autonomous in action. Public administration is concerned with nation building, shaping future societies so more value oriented.

Efficiency criteria are different:

  1. Management efficiency: Use of management techniques like work study, network techniques, appropriate methods and procedures.
  2. Policy efficiency: Choose appropriate programs and make right decisions.
  3. Service efficiency: Clientele satisfaction and development.


  1. As all enterprises need planning, command, coordination, control to function properly all observe same general principles.
  2. Both have to maintain close contact with people i.e. clients to inform about services and get feedback about services. So public relations help them improve their services.
  3. Managerial techniques like skills of planning, organization, coordination, control are same in both.
  4. Uniformity in accounts, filing, statistics and stocking.
  5. Principles of hierarchy.
  6. Influenced by practices and standards of each other.
  7. Problems faced in personal, finance and organization.
  8. Mutual exchange and rotation in personnel between the two.

The differences have limited applicability and so they are two species with distinctive characteristics due to special values and techniques.