Thoughts of various eminent academicians on Administration

Gladden: “To care for and look after people and to manage affairs. Its determined action to pursue a conscious purpose”.

Ngro: “Organization and use of men, money and material to achieve a purpose”.

Simon: “Cooperation of activities to achieve common goals”.

Veig: “Determined action to achieve a common purpose. Ordering of affairs to achieve things and prevent failure. Its marshalling labor, materials in order to gain which is desired at low time, money, energy.

Pffiener: “Organization and direction of human, material resources to achieve desired ends”.

White: Direction, coordination, control of people to achieve some purpose or objectives”.

Gulick: “Getting things done, accomplishment of desired objective”.

Berkley: “Involves human beings to jointly engage in working towards common goals”.

Adams: “Capacity of coordinating many often conflicting social energies in a single organisms”.

Henderson: “Arrangement of men, material in rational carrying out of purpose”.

Marx: “Determined action to achieve a purpose. Ordering of affairs and calculated use of resources aimed at making things happen”.

Administration has two parts collective efforts and common purpose.

Thoughts of various eminent academicians on Public Administration

Wilson: “Detailed, systemic execution of law. Its the application of law. Its the executive, operative and visible side of government”.

White: “All operation having for their purpose. The fulfillment or enforcement of public policy”.

Gulick: “Part of administration which deals with government and is concerned with executive part of government”.

Simon: “The activities of the executive branches of the national, state and local government”.

Mcgregor: “Generation of purposive public action whose success depends on reconciling the competing demands of administrative operations, democratic governance and public solving”.

Administration, Organization and Management

Administration lays down the “object” for which organization and management should strive and also the broad policies under which they are to to operate.

Organization is a combination of men, money, materials, tools etc brought to systemically and by effective correlation achieve a object.

Management: It leads, guides, directs an organization for accomplishment of a pre-determined object. 

So administration defines the goals management strives towards them. Organization is the machine of the management in its achievements of ends decided by the administration.