How to Write Letter of Recommendation

It gives me great pleasure and honor to recommend ------------- for the Graduate program at your prestigious university. He has been studying in the stream Bachelor of Technology in Electronics Engineering program. During the last 3 years I have observed that he really is a brilliant student.

I have taught him subjects like Basic Electronic Circuits in third semester, Basics of Analog and Digital Communication Systems in fourth semester, Electronic Instrumentation Systems in sixth semester and Communication Networks in seventh semester What, I like about him, is his dedication and determination to achieve success in whatever he does. Also, what makes him stand out in a group of students is his ability and eagerness to convert failures into success and opportunities into milestones. Perseverance, sincerity and an insatiable thirst for knowledge have always been the hallmark of his personality.

---------- is an interactive student bursting with new ideas. He is focused and always works with great dedication towards his goals. He has always been an active participant in the class discussions, often coming up with new innovative ideas and having a very practical approach to the subjects. -------- performance in the theory sessions as well as in the laboratory coursework has been commendable. He has obtained good grades in almost all courses he has taken till now. He also secured a first class in the department in First Year of the program and Distinction in second year of the curriculum. He also received scholarship under --------------- from ------------- State Board of Higher Secondary Education for his excellent performance in academics in the junior college also.

I have witnessed his presentations and they have been highly informative, well supported, organized, and well within the schedule. During his course duration, he gave seminars on subjects such as Medical Electronics (Advancements in Peritoneal Dialysis), Electronic Instrumentation Systems (pH Sensors), Microprocessors and Microcontrollers (Application of ARM microcontroller in Home Security), Microwave Devices and Circuits (Application of Microwaves in Diathermy surgeries). All his presentations have been received well by the respective faculty who only had good words to say about him. He is an excellent team member and a great example of a multi -faceted student.

His behaviour both, in class and campus has always been exemplary. I have found ----------- to be quite modest in his approach towards life. Due to his amicable nature and good qualities, he has made his presence felt among all his colleagues and is popular and cooperative. His management skills were evident right from his first year in college when he was a member of the Publicity Relations Team for the technical festival; '-------, 201*' and conducted many events during this time.

--------- spends a lot of time on his studies. He is equally interested in participating and leading in events and extra-curricular activities. He took part in several inter-collegiate competitions and was responsible for bringing in Laurels to our college. He is an extremely well-behaved person who is very popular among his friends; he is very co-operative and possesses a very amiable nature.

I, thus, feel very privileged to write about his skills as a student his sincerity, diligence and ability to reach the pinnacle of success. I highly recommend ---------- for the Masters program at your University. I am sure with the right kind of academic environment and resources, he will make the University proud. I urge you to consider him a student deserving financial assistance.

How to Write Letter of Recommendation

I, -------, a professor at -------------- Institute of Technology would like to recommend my student -------------- for graduate studies in your esteemed University. The primary reason being that having known him for three years now, I strongly believe that an earnest student like him deserves an opportunity to study at your reputed Institution of higher education. I have taught him Electronics Circuit Analysis and Design in the second year and Basic Electricals and Electronics Engineering in first year. Also I have mentored his second year Analog Electronics Project where he developed a prototype for automatic water level controller. His ability to grasp anything new effortlessly coupled with his eagerness to learn has helped him in keeping himself updated on the latest developments in his field. He secured a first class in both these subjects and a distinction grade in the project. Moreover, he has done consistently well in other subjects like Applied Mathematics, Digital Electronics, Principles of Control Systems, Microwave Devices and Circuits, Microprocessors and Microcontrollers-II by securing an enviable position among the top 5% in the said courses. ------- is self confident with regular study habits, attendance and submissions.

---------- is a fine student and is attentive during lectures as well as practical sessions. His diligent efforts during practical hours have always led to praise worthy experimental outcomes. Along with curricular work, he has always been equally enthusiastic about co-curricular propositions. If given an assignment on a presentation or a simulation report he would always complete it before the stipulated time of submission. One such assignment apportioned to him during the course of Filter Design was a simulation of comparative spectral plots of the effect of noise on channels with and without filters and encoders. The results of which were commendable. It went to show his inclination towards applying theoretical concepts in practical implementations He gave a presentation on "-----------" in the third year. This-has opened up a new dimension to his personality; of a professional keen on elucidations of the medical problems faced by the terminally ill. He is currently working on a technical paper --------------- along with related case studies. This shows his keenness towards socially relevant traffic problems faced by the vehicle drivers. His awareness towards traffic jams and stress caused to the drivers is so very obvious here.

---------- is not only academically disposed but also shares interest in extra-curricular activities. He is an avid connoisseur of music and art .He plays Indian musical instruments like Harmonium and. Tabla. He has also performed at the college annual cultural festival ------------ 201**. In the first year he was an able coordinator in Publicity Relations and Logistics. Also he was a part of the organizing committee of an intercollegiate --------- competition called Amazing Race --------- of the cultural college fest ------ 201**. In the second year he organized an event called --------- and also coordinated the Admin committee for ---- 201*. During his third year he was appointed as the Head of Sponsors Committee, --------201*.

He is very flexible and accommodating by nature and tries to carry everyone with him by his gentle persuasive ways. He has also been a member of societies and forums like ESA(Electronics Students Association)and IETE (the Institution of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers). ------------- displays a cheerful personality, is obedient and amicable and is open to suggestions and healthy criticism.

Pursuing higher education abroad is unquestionably a colossal task that requires commitment and indefatigable efforts. ---------- certainly shows the prowess and thus I strongly recommend him to your University. If -------------- is given a chance, he would not only enhance his erudition but would also take steps towards an overall development.

How to Write Letter of Recommendation

I have known ------------ for the past year and have observed her to be a sincere and a hardworking student. I have taught her courses in Computer Organization (Semester 6) and Microcomputer System Design (Semester 7). I have witnessed profound academic skills and intellectual rigor in her. I have found her to be one of the most competitive and inquisitive minds in her class. Academically, I consider ----------- to be an extremely bright student. This is reflected in her performance in my courses. She has secured FIRSTRANK in Computer Organization in the Semester 6 examination from over 30 students. She has also secured FIRSTRANK in the Electronics Department in all the three academic years. There are many reasons for her scholastic performances.

I have assessed ---------- to be a competent and hardworking individual. What sets her apart from the rest of the class is the way in which she approaches a subject. She is always inclined in knowing the intricacies of the concepts of various topics that I teach in the lecture. An apt example to elucidate this would be when I was delivering a lecture on cache coherence protocols for the Microcomputer System Design course. She posed critical and insightful questions that emphasize her analytical nature. She always tries to relate the theory with practical applications in order to build a strong base of understanding.

She has an aptitude for programming which I have observed through lab sessions. She has a penchant from problem solving which allows her to debug programming assignments in a structured manner and complete them before time. In terms of soft skills, she possesses good communication skills and leadership qualities. As the Class Representative, she is resourceful and efficient in leading her peers. She is affable and is always eager to lend a helping hand to those around her.

I believe that it is this blend of analytical skills, sound technical know-how, interpersonal skills and the desire to excel that makes her an ideal candidate for the Masters Degree program at your University. I am certain that a diligent and a go-getter individual like her would be an asset to your institution and I therefore strongly recommend her for admission.

How to Write Letter of Recommendation

It is with great pleasure that I recommend --------------- as a worthy applicant to your institution for the pursuit of higher studies. I have taught him subjects like Basic Electricals and Electronics of Engineering in First Semester, Digital System Design-I in Third Semester, Electronic Instrumentation Systems in Sixth semester, and was his Project Guide in Final year.

He is a bright and talented student with a consistently creditable performance throughout his tenure in our college. ----------- is a very intelligent and sharp boy and this fact is evident from his overall academic performance. Having consistently scored a first class in all my subjects, and a distinction in Digital System Design-I, he has always displayed a keen interest to know more about a particular concept and will delve deep into research in order to get his fundamentals solid. He has provided important inputs during classroom discussions and lab sessions. He has a regular and disciplined approach to studies.

He secured a position in the top 5% of his class for subjects like Control Systems and Applied Mathematics, Microprocessors and Microcontrollers-II and secured a distinction in many other subjects. ---------- has always been a sincere student and I have seen him make a concentrated effort to do better academically during the course of these years, especially knowing that he was actively involved in many committees of our college and participated in a big way in a lot of co- curricular activities. Currently I am mentoring him for his final year project. The topic he has selected-is "-------------" using a new platform of processor called "Raspberry Pi". It shows his keenness and a sharp eye for socially relevant issues and giving something back to society.

He had also taken up other impressive academic projects such as the Gesture Controlled Robotic Arm. The project was implemented using accelerometer ADXL335 which had to be mounted on the user's glove. The team developed an innovative algorithm that accounted for a motion of the robotic arm whenever the user moved his arm. The project got a special mention at ------------- 201*. He has shown perseverance, independent thinking and team spirit, strengths which would make him an asset in the field of research in his higher studies. He is very clear about his goals and concentrates on the right method to go about achieving them.

He has actively tried to hone his skills by taking up many extra courses and workshops in and outside college including a Soldering and Troubleshooting workshop conducted by Dr. ------------------ (Vice-Principal, ------------- Institute of Technology), and the Wired- Wireless Robotic workshop to name a few. To increase his practical cognizance, he participated in mc (International Robotics Competition) conducted at IIT ------------- to display his technical skills in the field of robotics. He attended the seminar workshop conducted by Mr ------------- (University of -----------) on FPGA Design.

His penchant for going beyond the prescribed parameters is for all to see. ---------- is extremely enthusiastic always trying to learn through new experiences and thus has continually been a pro active student. He was a part of the college Quiz club. He was also the Publicity Relations coordinator for the technical festival; '-------------, 201**' and conducted many events during this time. -------------- is not only academically disposed but also evinces interest in extracurricular activities. He is an avid connoisseur of music and art .He plays classical Indian musical instruments like Harmonium and Tabla. He has also performed at the college annual cultural festival ---------- 201*.

In the first year he was a popular coordinator in Publicity Relations and Logistics. Also he was a part of the organizing committee of an intercollegiate treasure hunt competition called Amazing Race ------------ of the college cultural fest ------ 201*. In the second year he organized an event called Maze and also coordinated the Admin committee for --------- 201*. During his third year he was appointed as the Head of Sponsors Committee, --------, 201*.

He has also been a member of societies and forums like ESA(Electronics Students Association)and IETE (The Institution of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers). One of his noteworthy attributes includes his altruistic nature. He is amongst the most well known seniors who juniors always looked upto and sought help from. He has been endowed with an amicable nature and is loved by the juniors who admire his humility, intelligence and straightforwardness. He is also a volunteer in a (NGO) non-profit organization; '------------', where he teaches the less privileged. He has a sense of social responsibility and is compassionate by temperament.