Volume 2


The volume 2 of the economic survey covers issues of topics like electricity sector, public finance, MUDRA yojana, petroleum sector, road sector and service sector.

Electricity sector:

1.U.D.A.Y [Ujwal discom assurance Yojana]: state shall take over 75% of outstanding debts of discoms. Reduce AT&C losses to 15%. Increased supply of domestic coal to substitute for imported coal. States shall take over future losses of discoms in a phased manner.banks not to advance short term loans to discoms to finance losses.

2. Deen dayal Upadhyay gram Jyoti Yojana: metering all unmetered connections. Supply electricity to all villages. Separating agriculture feeders from others to ensure sufficient supply for both. Improvement of sub transmission and distribution network.

3. Open access policy allows any consumer with requirement above 1 MW to procure directly from electricity market. Thus this shall lead to a one country one market for electricity.

Note: 830 billion units of power were generated in 2014-15 out of which 700 bu from thermal, 102 bu from hydroelectric and 27 bu from nuclear.

Public Finance

1. Corporate tax> income tax> excise duty> service tax> customs duty

2. Non plan expenditure was higher than plan expenditure and its composed of Interest payments > subsidies > defense > pensions > non plan grants to states > police.

3. Among subsidies, food > fertilizer > fuel.

4. Amongst outflows interest payments is 48% of GDP and out of this the internal debt is 46% and external debt is 1.5%.

5. In banks the time deposits [fixed and recurring deposits ] are more than demand deposits [savings and current account]

6. Insurance penetration [ premium volume to GDP] was 3.3% [2014] and insurance density [per capita insurance] was $55 in 2014. Global levels are 3.4% and $368.

Transport Sector

1. Action plan is being implemented to increase share of waterways in transport to 10% by 2019-20. Development of lighthouses as tourism destinations is being promoted. In addition to the 5 existing inland waterways, 106 additional waterways were declared as national waterways for inland transport.

2. India has a road network of 52 lakh km which is 2nd largest in the world. Out of which highways are 1 lakh km and carry 40% of the traffic.

Service Sector

1. 53% of India’s GDP is from the service sector with financial service having the largest share.

2. Tamil Nadu is the top state in terms of domestic tourist arrivals in India. France is the highest in terms of international visitor’s arrival and USA earns highest in terms of revenue from international tourists.

Chapter Review

Q1: U.D.A.Y is related to

  • healthcare
  • immunization
  • school enrollment
  • electricity sector


Q2:Non plan expenditure comprises of

  • salaries
  • subsidies
  • loan repayment
  • all


Q3: Global economic prospects, Doing Business Rankings, World Development Report and Ease of doing business are all published by

  • IMF
  • WB
  • UN
  • WEF


Q4:MUDRA Yojana is related to

  • banking sector
  • insurance sector
  • MSME sector
  • Energy sector


Q5:BharatNet is

  • National fiber optic network
  • Indian operating system
  • Indian cloud platform
  • Indian intelligence network