Common Mistakes Students Should Avoid In Board Exams

Board exams are a crucial time for the students when students have the pressure of scoring good marks and need to prove their worth.

But due to stress and panic, some students make some common mistakes, resulting in low marks despite working hard for the examination. Considering the situation, we have mentioned some common mistakes that students should avoid in board exams.

Let’s have a look:

Improper Time Management

Students should not spend much of their time on a particular question if they don’t know the answer. While reading the question paper, it’s better to plan and dedicate the right amount of time to each question so that they can complete the answer within a given time.

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Answers written on the question papers should be readable and clear. If the handwriting of a student is not-so-good, at least his/her answers can be easily understood by the examiner without any hindrance. Because no examiner will put extra effort to understand what content a student has written on the paper.

Basic spelling and grammar errors

While writing a question paper you need to give just as a basic check, read back over what you have written making sure to avoid making basic spelling and grammar errors.

Not reading the question paper properly

This is the most common mistake students make while taking the exam. Board has allotted an extra 15 minutes time to read the question paper. But most of the students out of stress and panic, fail to utilize this time efficiently. Therefore, this is the best time that students should use to organize their thoughts and manage their time during the exam.

Lack of final Check

After completing the paper or when the time gets over, students just hand over their answer sheet to the examiner without even checking it due to which they miss checking if they have written their roll number or other basic information correctly or not. Also, they lose the opportunity to correct any spelling or grammatical mistakes if there are in the paper and save their marks from being deducted. So, it’s very important for a student to spare some time on checking the answer sheet properly before submitting it to the examiner.

Thus, the above are the few mistakes that a student should keep in mind during exams to get his hard work reflected in his result.

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