Code involves using a cipher to change the message into another form that makes no sense when read. But if the cipher is selected then the message can be decoded and the original text is obtained.

These questions are usually of the form " If HELLO is XPQRT and CAR is FTU then find REQUEST".

Q. If MYSTIFY is NZTUJGZ then NEMESIS is A. The alphabets of that word are moved one letter ahead and so we do the same to NEMESIS.

Q. IF TAP is SZO then FREEZE is A. Move each alphabet one step backwards.

Q. SIKKIM is THLJJL then TRAINING is A. one word is moved ahead and next is taken backwards.

Q. MENTION is written as LNEITNO then PATTERN is A. First alphabet is taken back one step. Next alphabets are interchanged.

Q. FORCE becomes FPTJI then CULPRIT becomes A. Code moves alphabets from position 1 to last by +0, +1, +2 ,+3 ...

Q. ALTERED becomes ZOGVIVW then RELATED shall become A. The code works in such a way that the alphabets are replaced by the alphabets in same position from other end of the series like 'a' is first alphabet and 'z' is first from other end of series.

Q. MADRAS is NBESBT then BOMBAY becomes A. The series increases the position of alphabet by 1 for all places.

Q. TRIPPLE becomes SQHOOKD so DISPOSE becomes A. Alphabets are taken one position backwards.

Q. MONKEY becomes XDJMNL, then TIGER becomes A. Word is reversed and it becomes YEKNOM then the alphabets are taken 1 step backwards.

Q. COMPUTER becomes RFUVQNPC then MEDICINE is A. The word is reversed and all alphabet except first and last are moved a step ahead.

Q. TOGETHER is written as RQEGRJCT then PAROLE is A. first word is taken 2 steps back, second is taken 2 steps ahead and so on.

Q. CIGARETTE is GICERAETT then DIRECTION is A. first three letters are reversed, then next three and then last three. So we get RIDTCENOI.


Q. If CARROM is BZQQNL then which word on encoding becomes HOUSE A. All words in encoding are taken 1 step backwards so we take HOUSE and then take all words forward by 1 step to get IPVTF.

Q. NEOMAN becomes OGRQFT then which word becomes ZKCLUP A. All alphabets are taken ahead by +1, +2, +3, +4 ... So we take ZKCLUP and take it backwards by -1, -2, -3, -4, -5, -6.

Q. REMOTE becomes ROTEME then which word becomes PNIICC A. The position of initial word is 123456 and new word is 145236. So PNIICC should be PICNIC after rearrangement.

Q. SWITCH becomes TVJSDG then CQFZE becomes A. first letter is taken 1 step ahead , second is taken 1 step back and so on.

Q. CALCUTTA is GEPGYXXE then which word becomes FSQFCE A. All aphabets are taken 4 steps ahead, so encoded word shall be taken 4 steps backwards.

Q. If BIDDIC is 294493 then what becomes 987654321 A. A is 1, B is 2 and so on so we can convert numbers back to words as 1 --> A and so on.

Q. If PAINT is 74128 and EXCEL is 93596 then which word becomes 455978 A. 4 -> A, 5 -> C, 9 -> E and so on we deduce number to word table and get result. Note that this code doesn't follow any series.

Q. If DELHI is 73541 and CALCUTTA is 82589662 then which word becomes 8251896 A. Again from the above words we make a table of alphabet to words like 8 -> C, 2 -> A and so on.

Q. SHARP is 58034 and PUSH is 4658 then 3658 is A. 3 -> R, 658 -> USH


Q. If PALAM is 43 then SANTACRUZ is A. P = 16, A =1, L = 12, M = 13 and P+A+L+A+M =16+1+12+1+13 = 43 and in same way SANTACRUZ to can be converted and added.

Q. X = 20, BAT = 40 then CAT = ? A. BAT = 2*1*20 = 40; CAT = 3*1*20 = 60

Q. MASTER is coded as 411259 then POWDER is A. First get the values of MASTER from alphabet to number table. Then use modulo-9 function here. M = 13 so 13%9 i.e. 13/9 gives remainder as 4. Similarly do for remaining digits to verify. Apply same formula to POWDER.