Career options after 12th class

Career Options available for Students after Class 12th

If you are a Class 12 student, along with preparing for the Board Exams, one interesting question definitely running in your mind, i.e., ‘What to do after Class 12? The decision about what to do after Class 12 is a very critical important one.

While many students might have already decided what they want to do after Class 12, there are many other students who are still confused and undecided about the career field they want to opt for. With lots of career choices, streams, entrance exams and career paths to choose from, it is natural for students to get confused. But although, the career decision post Class 12 is very important.

Why is it an important decision?

The right choice in choosing a course and college is a very important decision for a Class 12 student because the right choice will lead to a rewarding career ahead. On the other hand, the wrong course option will mean that you end up precious time studying a subject that doesn’t really interest you. It’s important to ensure that whatever course you pick in accordance with your career interests.

How to choose the right Course after Class 12th

To take the first step toward choosing the right course after 12th you must first know what options are available to you and which ones are best suited to your interests. Some of the major points that students should consider while deciding upon the best course for them are as follows –

1. Your Interests

The first thing that you must consider while deciding the graduation course is your interest and passion for it. What you want to do in the future and how interested you are in a particular field, will go a long way in helping you decide your graduation course.

2. Understanding of the course

Before you decide which course to pursue, it is also important to understand what all does it covers? There are many ways to gather important information about the graduation course you are planning to take up. The most convenient and obvious would be to talk to your seniors, siblings or parents.

3. Future Prospects

Going for a course that matches your interests is great but you should also be mindful of the future career options that it offers.  One of the major questions that you should try to answer is, ‘What are the career opportunities available after the course?

Popular College Courses Available after Class 12th  

1. Engineering

Engineering is a professional course that a student can pursue after 12th having a science stream (PCM). Before taking admission you have to clear Joint Entrance Exam (JEE), which is a common engineering entrance exam, organized by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) for engineering aspirants across the country.

2. Medical Sciences

The second most preferred option for students from the science stream after engineering is Medical or Medicine. Medicine is the study of life that surrounds us. To put simply, if your dream is to be a doctor, this medical stream is for you.

3. Commerce

Some other well-known course alternatives available to commerce students are Charted Accountants (CA), Bachelors in Business Management (BBA), B.Com, B.Com (H), Economics (H), CS, Law, Bachelors in Travel and Tourism and so on. These courses can assist you with building an extraordinary career as a venture investor, brand supervisor, human resource administrator, and other such respectable positions.

4. Arts

Arts offer a wide range of courses for students to choose from Mass Communication, journalism, advertising, interior designing, graphics designing, psychology, sociology, history, fashion designing, photography, etc.

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