fathers father/ mothers fathergrandfather
fathers mother / mothers mothergrandmother
fathers brother / mothers brotheruncle
fathers sister / mothers sisteraunt
uncles son / daughter OR aunts son / daughtercousin
brothers wife / sisters husbandsister in law / brother in law
wife’s brother or sisterbrother in law / sister in law
wife’s parents OR husband’s parentsfather in law and mother in law
sons son and daughter / daughters son and daughtergrandson and granddaughter
Brother’s son and daughter / Sisters son and daughternephew and niece

Summary of blood relations

Problems and Solutions

Q. Pointing at a poster, he said - "I have no siblings but that mans father is my father son." Find their relation.

A. The man in the poster has a father who is the narrators father's son. Since the narrator has no siblings i.e. brother or sister he is his father's son. So he is the father of the man in the poster.

Q. Sunil introduces Pranav as the "son of the only brother of my fathers wife"

A. Sunil's mother's brother's son is Pranav. So both are cousins.

Q. A women said about Pranav "He is the only son of the father of my sisters brother". What is their relation.

A. Women's sisters brother is her brother. Brothers father is her father. Only son of her father is her brother. So relation is brother.

Q. A man tells about Ashwini "Shes the daughter of the only son of my fathers wife". What is their relation.

A. My fathers wifes only son means the man himself. Ashwini is his daughter.

Q. X says about Y - "hes the husband of the grand daughter of the father of my father".

A.X has a grand father whose grand daughter shall be X's sister. Y is X's sister husband so brother in law.

Q. Rajan said about Ashwini "she's the daughter of the woman who is the mother of the husband of my mother". Ashwini is Rajan's?

A. Rajans father [husband of mother] has a mother whose daughter is Ashwini. Ashwini is Rajan's father's sister so Aunt.

Q. Ashwini said about Pranav "His mother is the only daughter of my mother".

A. Only daughter of my mother is myself so Ashwini is Pranav's mother.

Q. Abhishek said about Ashwini " She is the daughter of my grandfather's only son".

A. Grandfather's only son is Abhishek's father, his daughter [Ashwini] would be Abhishek's sister.

Q. Abhishek said about Pranav "His mother is the wife of my father's son. Brother's and sisters i have none". What is Pranav to Abhishek.

A. Abhishek's fathers son is abhishek. pranav's mother is abhishek's wife so Pranav is his son.

Q. Abhishek says to Ashwini "You are my nephews maternal grandmother". Abhishek has only one sister. What is Ashwinis relation to Abhishek


A. Abhishek's only sister has a son. Ashwini is that son's mother's mother [maternal grandmother]. So Ashwini is Abhishek's mother.

Type 2: Relation Puzzle

Q. A, B are brothers and C, D are sisters. A's son is D's brother. How is B related to C.

A. A's son is D's brother and so also C's. So A is C's father and A's brother becomes C's uncle.

Q. A is mother of B, C is son of A, D is brother of E, E is daughter of B. So the grandmother of D is

A. A is mother of B and C; D, E are children of B so A becomes their grandmother.

Q. 6 children are playing football; A and E are brothers; F is sister of E; C is only son of A's uncle. B, D are daughters of the brother of C's father. How is C and F related How is D related to A How many males and females are there.

A. Males -> A, E, C; Females -> B, D, F A,E,F are siblings and so C is their cousin; C father, B,D father and A,E,F father are brothers so D and A are cousins.

Q. Daya has brother Anil; Daya is son of Chandra; Bimal is Chandras father; How is Anil related to Bimal

A. Daya and Anil are sons of Chandra whose father is Bimal; So Anil is Bimals grandson

Q. A is father of C; but C isn't his son; E is daughter of C; F is spouse of A; B is brother of C; D is son of B; G is spouse of B; H is father of G; Who is grandmother of D Who is son of F.

A. E is daughter of C and B is son and C is daughter of A [father] and F [mother]; D is son of B [father] ,G [mother] and and grandson of A. So F is his grandmother.

Q. A, B, C, D, E, F are together. C is sister of F; B is brother of E's husband; D is father of A and grandfather of F; There are two fathers, three brothers and a mother. C is daughter of E. who is the mother E's husband is F is related to E how Who are the brothers number of male members

A. E is the mother; E's husband is A; F is E's son and Brothers are F, A,B; Male members are A,B,D,F.

Coded Relations

Q. A+B means A is sister of B; A-B means A is brother of B; A*B means A is daughter of B; How to show the relation: If F is sister of E show E is maternal uncle of D.

A. D * F + E

Q. A+B: A is son of B; A-B: A is wife of B; A*B: A is brother of B; A=B: A is sister of B

P+R-Q: So Q is father of P

P*R+Q: P is Q's son

P=R+Q: P is daughter of Q;

Q. P*Q is P is sister of Q; P+Q means P is father of Q; P-Q means P is mother of Q; So S is aunt of T is shown by assuming M as father / K as mother.

A. S * M + T and S * K - T

Q. P*Q is P is father of Q; P+Q means P is brother of Q; P-Q means P is sister of Q; S is niece of T is given by





A. T+M*S-K