Importance of goals

A Goal without a Plan Is Just a Wish

Life without a goal is nothing. A Goal is basically an individual’s wish or needs that he/she wants to accomplish. Having goals is like having a map. You know where you are heading, and this gives you zest, motivation, more energy and a reason to get up in the morning.

Simply having a goal or wishing to get the achievement isn’t compelling until the time you begin working a specific way. A goal alone isn’t beneficial. Tolerance, hard and steady endeavors, and an appropriate plan is needed to achieve a goal.

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Why is it important to have a goal?

Goals are essential to your development and success. The following are the main reasons why goals are important.

1.  Goals help you to determine priorities and direct you to focus on what is important

2. Goals create a road map for success

3.  It gives you a sense of purpose in life

4. Your goals allow you to improve, progress and get better

5. Goals get rid of distraction and keep you focus

6. Goals keep you accountable and committed towards your work

7. Goals can help reduce stress. Without goals to guide you, you may develop a tendency to jump from one project or task to another instead of focusing on the most important tasks

8. Goals can also be used as a motivational tool as you are doing tasks as per your plan to achieve your objectives of life

Goal achievement requires a committed, concentrated and consistent work ethic to make your dreams a reality. Goals have value only if they help you develop and improve yourself or others’ potential.

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